Grozeebo Pro Full Description

Grozeebo Pro is a revolutionary new grow tent for both beginner and expert level growers. It’s the first grow tent ever to feature insulation, T-slot aluminum framing and fully modular construction. Grozeebo Pro can be used in any indoor environment, allowing for year-round growing.

Many growers have difficulty maintaining ideal temperature range due to the environment where they keep their grow tents such as a garage, basement, shed, or other areas without climate control. As a result, they don’t get the best possible results or they decide to shut down their grow during certain times of the year. Grozeebo Pro makes it easier to sustain desired temperatures year round thanks to insulated wall, door, and roof panels.

The interior dimensions of the basic package are 48” x 48” x 78”, but Grozeebo Pro’s modular construction gives you the option to make it bigger in any direction. Wall, door, and roof panels made from EPS insulation wrapped in 600D ballistic nylon canvas secure to the frame using 2 inch lightproof hook and loop. These panels can easily be removed and replaced with other Grozeebo panels or another Grozeebo frame, increasing the size of the enclosure. Start with a 48” x 48” x 78” and expand it to 48” x 96” x 78”, 96” x 96” x 78”, 48” x 192” x 78”, etc. Upgrade a wall panel to a door panel, giving you multiple access points without having to endlessly unzip. Replace a standard roof with a height extension kit to grow taller plants. Plants grow bigger so why not have an enclosure that grows too? The possibilities are infinite.

T-slot aluminum framing has been utilized in many applications, but never before for grow tents. Hollow steel tubes have always been the standard for grow tent framing, but equipment mounting options are limited to suspending from crossbars or unreliable clamps. Welds are often weak, causing the structure to snap under load. With Grozeebo’s T-slot anodized aluminum framing and mounting accessories, growers can now securely mount humidifiers, dehumidifiers, air pumps and other pieces of equipment off the floor, maximizing space for more plants. Grow tent framing has never been this robust.