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Grozeebo Pro

Grozeebo Pro

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Grozeebo Pro is a revolutionary new grow tent for both beginner and expert level growers. It’s the first grow tent ever to feature insulation, T-slot aluminum framing and fully modular construction. Grozeebo Pro can be used in any indoor environment, allowing for year-round growing.

    Full Description

    Grozeebo Pro is a revolutionary new grow tent for both beginner and expert level growers. It’s the first grow tent ever to feature insulation, T-slot aluminum framing and fully modular construction. Grozeebo Pro can be used in any indoor environment, allowing for year-round growing.

    Many growers have difficulty maintaining ideal temperature range due to the environment where they keep their grow tents such as a garage, basement, shed, or other areas without climate control. As a result, they don’t get the best possible results or they decide to shut down their grow during certain times of the year. Grozeebo Pro makes it easier to sustain desired temperatures year round thanks to insulated wall, door, and roof panels.

    The interior dimensions of the basic package are 48” x 48” x 78”, but Grozeebo Pro’s modular construction gives you the option to make it bigger in any direction. Wall, door, and roof panels made from EPS insulation wrapped in 600D ballistic nylon canvas secure to the frame using 2 inch lightproof hook and loop. These panels can easily be removed and replaced with other Grozeebo panels or another Grozeebo frame, increasing the size of the enclosure. Start with a 48” x 48” x 78” and expand it to 48” x 96” x 78”, 96” x 96” x 78”, 48” x 192” x 78”, etc. Upgrade a wall panel to a door panel, giving you multiple access points without having to endlessly unzip. Replace a standard roof with a height extension kit to grow taller plants. Plants grow bigger so why not have an enclosure that grows too? The possibilities are infinite.

    T-slot aluminum framing has been utilized in many applications, but never before for grow tents. Hollow steel tubes have always been the standard for grow tent framing, but equipment mounting options are limited to suspending from crossbars or unreliable clamps. Welds are often weak, causing the structure to snap under load. With Grozeebo’s T-slot anodized aluminum framing and mounting accessories, growers can now securely mount humidifiers, dehumidifiers, air pumps and other pieces of equipment off the floor, maximizing space for more plants. Grow tent framing has never been this robust.

    Full Specs

    Interior Dimensions

    48” x 48” x 78”

    Exterior Dimensions

    55” x 55” x 82”

    Wall / Door Panel Dimensions

    48” x 78” x 3.5”

    Roof Panel Dimensions

    48” x 48” x 3.5”


    130 lbs

    Outer Material

    600D ballistic nylon

    Inner Material

    99% reflective diamond mylar


    30mm T-slot anodized aluminum


    (2) 8” / (2) 12” double cinching

    Door Zipper

    Heavy duty light proof nylon zipper

    Panel Coupling

    2” lightproof hook and loop


    2 years

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    Why is Grozeebo Pro Different From Other Grow Tents?

    • Interior Dimensions: 48" X 48" X 78"

      Exterior Dimensions: 55” x 55” x 82”

      Wall / Door Panel Dimensions: 48” x 78” x 3.5”

      Roof Panel Dimensions: 48” x 48” x 3.5”

      Weight: 130 lbs

      Outer Material: 600D ballistic nylon

    • Inner Material: 99% reflective diamond mylar

      Framing: 30mm T-slot anodized aluminum

      Ports: (2) 8” / (2) 12” double cinching

      Door Zipper: Heavy duty light proof nylon zipper

      Panel Coupling: 2” lightproof hook and loop

      Warranty: 2 years

    • All Grozeebo Pro models have 3.5" insulation sewn into the wall, door, and roof panels. This makes it easier to keep temperature and humidity consistent, prevents moisture condensation, and reduces noise levels caused by fans and air pumps. 

    • Grozeebo tents feature a 4’ by 4’ by 6.5’ frame wrapped in hook and loop (Velcro-type material). Our tents also come with wall panels, zippered door panel, and a roof panel. This allows you to create your own custom grow enclosure and combine more frames and panels for a larger grow tent.

    • Grozeebo's 30mm T-slot aluminum framing is stronger than any other grow tent frame in the world. It also allows for mounting equipment on vertical poles without the need for unreliable clamps. Ditch hollow tube poles and make your grow tent a fortress.


    Insulation FAQ

    What are the benefits of the insulation in Grozeebo Pro?

    Regular grow tents have no thermal resistance. This makes it difficult to keep the temperature and humidity inside the tent different from the temperature and humidity outside the tent. Air conditioners, heaters, humidifiers, and dehumidifiers can be used to help impact interior environmental conditions, but they will have to run constantly and may not have enough power to reach and maintain the desired temperature and humidity. Plants cannot reach their full potential and may even die if their ideal range of environmental conditions are not provided.

    Grozeebo Pro wall and roof panels contain 3.5 inch rigid EPS insulation and have a thermal resistance of R15. This creates a barrier between the inside and outside of the grow environment, and makes it easier than ever to give plants the environmental conditions they need to thrive. Air conditioners, heaters, humidifiers, and dehumidifiers function more efficiently, pull less power, and last longer. Plants will grow faster, healthier, and provide higher yields.

    Why are temperature and humidity important for plant growth?

    Temperature, humidity, and vapor pressure deficit influence many plant processes, including photosynthesis, transpiration, respiration, germination and flowering.

    As temperature increases, photosynthesis, transpiration and respiration increase. However, if temperature becomes too high, extreme heat stress can occur in many plants even in the presence of adequate soil moisture. This can cause a reduction in plant stomatal conductance, which reduces plant transpiration rate, causing reductions in plant productivity and yield. Prolonged heat stress can cause irreversible damage.

    If temperature is too low, stomata close and plant enzyme activity decreases. This then disrupts plant nutrient intake because plants secrete enzymes to digest surrounding materials for soil. Consequently, this can stunt growth or more severely cause them to die.

    When relative humidity levels are too high or there is a lack of air circulation, the transpiration process is affected as well as the plant's ability to draw nutrients from the soil. When this occurs for a prolonged period, the plant eventually rots. High humidity can also cause fungal disease, root rot, and powdery mildew which can leach nutrients from the plant and eventually kill it if left untreated. Any plants intended for consumption should be disposed of if powdery mildew or mold occurs during the flowering phase.

    The drier or the hotter the air temperature, the faster the transpiration rate from the plant. However, the moisture deficit and transpiration rate are not directly related. This means that in very dry air, the increased rate of transpiration can only go so high in the plant and then it begins to wilt. Low humidity in the grow environment can also cause stunted growth, leaf curl, and even increased chances of spider mite infestation.

    It's critical to know the ideal environmental conditions for your specific plant so that you know what range to target for getting the best possible results.

    Does the insulation trap heat inside the enclosure?

    In simple terms, think about climate control and how it applies in a residence. Insulation built into a house's exterior walls and attic helps to block heat from entering the structure in the summer and holds heat in during the winter. Combined with the house's heating and cooling appliances, this results in a cooler environment in the summer and warmer in the winter.

    Grozeebo Pro's insulation works in a similar way. However, all Grozeebo grow tents also have double-sided cinch ports which allow for critical air exchange, filtration, ducting, etc. Unlike living areas in a house, much of the space inside of a grow tent is occupied by plants, so controlling the environment involves more than just heating and cooling.

    Does the insulation replace air conditioning and/or heating?

    The insulation in Grozeebo Pro will not cool or heat the enclosure. In other grow tents with no insulation, temperature is determined by the air temperature of the room where the grow tent is located, temperature of the air being pulled into the grow tent, heat produced by lights, pumps, and other equipment inside the tent, and how quickly the air is exchanged. Grozeebo Pro's insulation makes the air temperature of the surrounding area less of a factor to overcome as it creates better isolation between the environments outside and inside the enclosure. If you do determine that air conditioning or heating is needed, Grozeebo Pro will do a better job of holding the desired temperature than any other grow tent, saving energy consumption and a lot of headaches.

    Should I use Grozeebo Pro or Grozeebo Slim?

    If you're planning on growing in a non-climated controlled, unfinished, and/or non-insualted indoor environment such as a garage, basement, shed, attic, etc. Grozeebo Pro is a worthy investment.

    If you're planning on growing in a climate-controlled indoor environment such as a bedroom, living room, den, office, insulation may not be necessary. In rooms where the temperature can reliably remain within 5-10 degrees of your desired temperature range inside the grow tent, Grozeebo Slim could be a good solution. It has all the same feautures of Grozeebo Pro, only without the insulation.

    Keep in mind that you can always start with a Grozeebo Slim and easily upgrade to Grozeebo Pro panels later, or vice versa. Both models use the same framing and mounting strips.


    1 Insulated door panel w/ zipper entry

    2 Insulated wall panels w/ 8” & 12” ports

    1 Insulated solid wall panel

    1 Insulated roof panel

    1 Inner spill tray

    1 Outer floor tray

    4 Loop strips for attaching panels to frame

    Anodized T-slot aluminum frame w/ 2 cross bars, connector brackets, and hex keys