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The Only Insulated Grow Tent on the Market

The Only Insulated Grow Tent on the Market

Grozeebo grow tents are a new innovation in the world of indoor gardening. We created our grow tents to give growers at all levels – from professionals to amateurs – the ability to nurture their plants from seedling to harvest. How? Our tents are the only insulated grow tents on the market.

Grow tents have long been more of a necessity than a solution for growers. While grow tents allow people without the resources for a grow room to nurture plants indoors, they come with their own share of problems. Plant growth is a delicate balance, and even heavy-duty grow tents are poorly insulated. Plus, even large grow tents get cramped fast when growers have to add extra equipment like weather chilllers and AC units.

Not a lot has been done to address these problems since grow tents first emerged on the market. Manufacturers have mostly focused on adding extra features like waterproof floor trays and observation windows. While undoubtedly useful, none of these innovations really solved the fundamental problems.

Grozeebo aims to solve these by doing three things differently.


All Grozeebo units have insulation sewn into the walls and all moveable panels. This makes it easier to keep temperature and humidity consistent, prevents moisture condensation, and reduces noise levels caused by fans and air pumps.

Traditional grow tents lack insulation. This makes it difficult to regulate temperature, meaning growers are constantly battling against the elements. In the past, growers have had to invest in products like thermal shielding and Rockwool to keep temperature stable. Sewn-in insulation solves this problem. 


Grozeebo’s tents are 100% modular. Each tent comes with a 4’ by 4’ by 7’ exterior base fitted with hook and loop velcro on the top and sidewalls. The Grozeebo package also includes a wall panel, a zippered door panel, and a roof panel.

This allows you to attach other modules as needed to create your own custom grow enclosure. You can also increase size and height as your plants grow.

In the past, grow tents were height adjustable at best. Oftentimes, growers would start off with one grow tent and find they had to upgrade as their crops outgrew the allotted space, or when they decided to grow more plants. Grozeebo provides a more flexible experience.

T-Slot Aluminum Framing

T-slot extruded aluminum framing is sturdier than conventional materials used in grow tents. Traditional grow tents rely on round poles for framing. This means key equipment like fans and AC units either had to go on the floor, taking up space, or be hung from the top framing or crossbars, causing shadowing. Mounting clamps on circulation fans often slide down the pole from their own weight. With Grozeebo, you’re able to a mount full size oscillating room fan and lock it into place.

Grozeebo tents are the first tents on the market that allow for securely mounting equipment on vertical framing. This not only provides a healthier overall environment, it frees up tons of space for your plants to thrive.

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